Unleaving Crafters brings together a collective of permanent creators alongside collaborators who have come together at different times, uniting their unique talents to shape the essence of Unleaving.


At its core are the dynamic husband-and-wife duo, sura karnawi (she/her) and saif jabur (he/him), based in Toronto, Canada. They have worked on writing the game, development, art direction, and production. Rooted in their love for art and puzzle platformer games like "Limbo", their passion is dedicated to exploring and expressing the depths of human emotions and vulnerabilities.Both Sura and Saif, being from Iraq, experienced alienation after war and displacement, as did their circle of family and friends. Alienation is a common human experience and is often stigmatized. The idea was that they wanted to explore deeper questions about life and moments of uncertainty through the perspective of a child.Sura, as an artist and producer, has painted thousands of paintings, while Saif has penned countless lines of code. their shared passion for art, storytelling, and gaming led them to co-found orangutan matter. Here, they've assembled a diverse group united by their commitment to artistic expression and innovation.


Unleaving's collaborators are the heart of their creation, driven by a commitment to authenticity and a joy for pure creation. In the realm of indie game development, having the right collaborators is key, and Unleaving embodies this spirit.

diala brisly (she/her) - Valence, France: Unleaving's character artist, initially the creative director, and mentor to Sura, she is an award-winning artist and author with a focus on social injustice that drive the heart of her work, originally from Syria and a war survivor, particularly her desire to give a voice to the most voiceless, especially children.

jayson fuerstenber (he/him) - Vancouver Island, Canada: is Unleaving's graphite artist, breathing life into beautiful illustrations of environment art, puzzle drawings, and interactable objects. Embracing challenges within rigid ratios and restrictions, he maintains adaptability while staying creative. Inspired by the magical elements of nature, Jayson reflects a deep connection with the subject. In his artistic journey, he not only seeks captivating results but also finds immense meaning and therapeutic value in the creative process.

francois messier (he/him) - Montreal, Quebec: With 16 years as a level designer, his expertise and patience were crucial in preserving Unleaving's vision. Ensuring each puzzle followed level design principles while serving the metaphor and story in a hand-painted world. His connection with Sura and Saif, from LinkedIn to a bench in Montreal, not only grew into a friendship but also profoundly enriched Unleaving's collaborative journey, leaving a lasting impact on the gaming experience's depth.

asmaa al-isaa (she/her) - Calgary, Canada: She's Unleaving artistic process adviser and aesthetics consultant. Asmaa has played a pivotal role in establishing artistic cohesion and rules for the game, ensuring each frame of Unleaving is a work of art while considering gaming elements, bringing Unleaving's vision to life. As an artist and educator with an interdisciplinary practice, Asmaa is dedicated to cultivating creative energy by engaging her lived experiences with the land, materials, and people around her.

macy kuang (she/her) - Toronto, Canada Macy, a game developer, brings her extensive skills to Unleaving, contributing to engineering and technical decisions alongside Saif and Sura. Known for her extraordinary productivity, she is not only a mother but has also created video games to teach her native language to her children. Macy has successfully developed and released numerous video games with various companies, and she runs a channel called "Code To Create" to assist fellow developers. Additionally, her role included valuable contributions to the simplified Chinese translation.

corina diaz (she/her), Ontario, Canada: strategy, marketing and community management consultant. Her incredible contribution helps in crafting authentic communication, adapting to Unleaving's unconventional nature while staying true to its vision. Collaborating with Sura, she devises creative ideas for effective communication and strategy, with a shared vision of connecting meaningfully with the community.

alicia enstorm (she/her) - Unleaving collaborator and former violinist with Cirque du Soleil, delivers tracks that perfectly capture the game's essence, reflecting her classical training and versatile style showcased in Call of Duty and beyond.

Special Thanks

osama dorias (he/him): Mentor - Osama bringing extensive experience from Blizzard Entertainment, a professor Dawson College, advisor @ GDC & TEDx Speaker. His mentorship guided Sura and Saif, helping them set clear goals and create a cohesive world in Unleaving's game design. Additionally, he endorsed them as Iraqi game developers, acknowledging their talents and journey.