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Unleaving is coming to Epic soon.

When everything seems hopeless a child is awakened by the whispers of the last leaf, drawn into an imaginary world.

Unleaving invites the player into a narrative-driven puzzle platformer, where each challenge unfolds within a hand-painted landscape, exploring metaphors and the elusive boundaries of perception and meaning.

Solitary reflection


Unleaving takes its title from Gerard Manley Hopkins' poem:

'Spring and Fall: To a Young Child.'

It opens with the lines:

'Márgarét, áre you gríeving Over Goldengrove unleaving?'

In Hopkins' words, as the seasons change, 'Goldengrove' loses its leaves, is a metaphor for the transient nature of life. Unleaving is a metaphorical game crafted through illustrations and puzzles context.

Art Experience

Unleaving is as much a video game as it is an extended series of multimedia paintings and drawings.

  • Every frame is a hand-painting, seamlessly integrating pencil and graphite puzzle elements.
  • The visuals come to life through traditional painting animation.
  • Embracing a commitment to originality, each scene is new, with no repetition.
  • Each chapter is based on a specific theme that guides the mood, emotion, and story and, by extension, influences the colors and style.

Story Driven Puzzles

Through the gameplay featuring puzzles and skill-based challenges each tightly knit into the story's fabric, players are invited to immerse themselves in this emotional experience.

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behind the scenes - the making of Unleaving by sura Karnawi - hand painted art

Image Caption: Behind the scenes of making Unleaving

reflecting on a stormy scene

Image caption: Unleaving is an emotional puzzle platformer.